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Winter Tyres

Winter Tyres Kettering

As the only part of a vehicle in contact with the road surface, tyres play a critical role in road safety. Acceleration, braking, steering and cornering all rely on the tyres' relatively small contact area with the road surface so their correct selection, care and maintenance is essential.

To prepare you for winter driving, follow Bridgestone’s safety tips:

  • Be prepared – carry extra clothing, blankets, tow rope, mobile phone and torch in case of breakdown
  • Check your car – clean lights, top up your screen wash and check antifreeze levels
  • Check your tyres – the greater the tread depth, the safer. Correct pressures are also vital for grip. At least 4mm of tread is recommended as minimum in winter*
  • Clear vision – remove ice/snow and wait for windows to clear before setting off
  • Take your time – going too fast in poor weather or road conditions is one of the main causes of fatal accidents**
  • Stopping distances are doubled on wet roads and up to 10 times longer in snow or ice*. Keep your distance
  • Don’t drive through flood water – but if you have to, check its depth, drive slowly in first or second gear keeping the revs high to prevent stalling. Check your brakes afterwards before resuming speed and use gentle short braking actions to help dry them
  • Skids can occur when the tyre tread is poor or the tyre is moving too fast to flush water from the road beneath it, rising up on the film of water without being able to grip Ease off power.
  • Always use gentle manoeuvres and a steady speed. Apply the brakes gently
  • Remember that fog can also make roads wet, slippery or icy

To find out more about tyre tread, pressures and wear visit Bridgestone’s Tyre Safety website

* **

When should I put winter tyres on my vehicle?

We recommend putting winter tyres on in October and changing them back to summer tyres in March or April. A good indicator is the morning temperature; once the temperature drops below 7°C, get those winter tyres on!

Are there different types of winter tyre?

Yes, just like with 'normal' tyres, there are lots of different brands and sizes. If you're unsure, just pop into our depot and our team will be happy to help you choose the right ones for your vehicle.

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