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You will be required to pay for the goods or services to the Centre at time of a completed MOT.

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10. Cancellation
The MOT Centre reserves the right to cancel the booking if:

10.1 There is insufficient stock to deliver the goods you have booked.

10.2 One or more of the goods you booked was listed at an incorrect price.

If your booking is cancelled the Centre will notify you by e-mail or phone.

You have the right to cancel your booking at any time up to the point of the MOT. If you do cancel your booking you should inform the centre by phone.

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Vitora Tyres

Vitora tyres

Vitora Tyre Range


Vitora Tyres Kettering
Vitora Tyres Kettering
Vitora Tyres Kettering

Vitora Tyres Kettering


Long-life van tyre, delivering responsive handling and performance under demanding commercial applications.

Vitora Tyres Kettering


Award-winning UHP tyre, designed for serious performance, and uncompromising safety.

Vitora Tyres Kettering


All-season touring tyre designed for premium touring vehicles.

About Vitora tyres

VITORA is a compound word, comprised of the Latin "Vita", meaning life and vigour, and the Italian "Ora" meaning now. The VITORA story covers the moments of connection that people of all ages have within their cars and also the moments of connection that their tyres will have with the road.

From children to elderly couples a story based on security, safety and peace of mind can be crafted from the concept of life insurance explaining why our brand is the only one that should be...


Why choose Vitora tyres?

Vitora Tyres are a premium quality tyre with excellent wet handling and mileage characteristics. With the latest tread designs and high mileage compound rubber, and manufactured in a factory alongside well known brands these are excellent value for money.


Vitora Tyres have been tested against a number of other premium tyres by the independent consumer magazine Choice, who found that Vitora out-performed a significant number of expensive premium tyres!

Products Overall Score Wet Cornering Score Wet Braking Score
Michelin Pilot Sport 3 82% 85% 70%
Bridgestone Potenza RE003 81% 70% 70%
GoodYear Eagle F1 79% 70% 70%
Dunlop Sport Maxx RT 75% 70% 70%
Maxxis Victra 75% 70% 60%
Continental Conti Max Contact 72% 65% 65%
Vitora Sportlife 72% 65% 60%
Nexen Nfera SU1 70% 55% 60%
Pirelli Cinturato P7 70% 60% 55%
Achilles 2233 69% 45% 60%
Kumho Ecsta KU22 67% 50% 55%
Ovation VI388 Performance DSRT 66% 50% 60%
Yokohama BluEarthA AE50 66% 50% 50%
Hankook Optimo K415 65% 50% 55%


This is in addition to the manufacturers warranty for faulty manufacture. It is a Lifetime Warranty, with percentage reduction based on time passed since purchase, as per the table below.

The warranty includes damage caused by: potholes, kerbs, punctures. The warranty does not include damage caused by: accidents, malicious damage. Vitora retain final discretion to inspect and evaluate the cause of damage.

Time Elapsed Since Purchase % of Original Cost of Tyre Refunded
0 3 months 100%
3 -6 months 75%
6 - 9 months 50%
9 - 12 months 25%
12+ months 10%


Simply activate your warranty online within 30 days of purchase at


Visit and complete claim form, uploading a copy of proof of purchase. A replacement tyre will be sent to Kettering Motorist Centre.

Kettering Motorist Centre stock a wide range of tyres to cover most requiremenst and if we don't have them on the shelf we can get them pretty quickly.

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