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Why choose a premium tyre?


Premium Tyres

There really is truth in the statement ‘you get what you pay for’. Let’s look at what a Bridgestone premium tyre means in everyday, on the road terms.

Research and development

Bridgestone are global leaders in developing new technologies for road tyres. With over 14 years experience at the forefront of Formula1™ they invest over £300 million a year on research and development.

Added safety

Enhanced braking, better steering control and improved wet grip gives an all-round safer driving experience.


Bridgestone work closely with vehicle manufacturers and are specified as original equipment in the widest range of makes and models. Fitting our tyres will ensure best compatibility and performance.

Extra fuel saving

Premium tyres can reduce rolling resistance, saving you money and helping to protect the environment.

Value and total satisfaction

Longer lasting and slower wear rates ensure better value for money. Bridgestone gives total satisfaction when it comes to noise, comfort, ride, handling and steering response.

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