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We have been a DVSA (previously VOSA) MOT test station now for many years. Last year we did over 3500 mot tests for our customers in the Kettering aera. 
The car Mot test currently has to be done every 12 months on vehicles three years and older. Cars do not require one until they are 3 years old. The mot is essentially a safety check of the vehicle. When the car passes, This means that the car has met the minimum standard of a uk vehicle on that day. It is possible fo rthe car to pass on some items. Be driven a very short distance then fail the next day. Some if the things we check on an mot are 
  • Lights, we check for operation, condition and colour
  • Tyres, Condition such as cuts tears perishing as well as the tyre having enough tread. In the uk the minimum thickness is 1.6mm of tread over 70% of the width of the tyre, measured in a full depth tread channel.
  • Brake condition is inspected but only visually through the wheels. We are not allowed to remove the wheels of the vehicle to inspect your brakes proplerly. Therefore it is possible for the brakes to be very low and the car still pass. We also use our rolling road brake tester to check the performance of the brakes.
  • Suspension and steering is checked for condition, corrosion and excessive movement.
  • Wipers and windscreens are checked for condition and efficency 
  • Seats and seat belts are checked for operation and condition. Very little fraying of a seat belt is needed before the car will fail its mot.
  • Emissions is checked using a calibrated emissions tester. In april of 2018 the emissions limits were made much stricter, meaning it is more important than ever to make sure you service your car to keep its engine healthy

We have 2 full time MOT test lanes here at Kettering motorist centre with 7 mot testers, So we are sure to fit you in if you require an mot.

To get booked in just give us a call on 01536 410142


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