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Michelin Tyres

Michelin is one of the biggest names in motorsport, particularly motorcycle GP racing. The company has a history of innovative design, and was the first to introduce the radial tyre as standard. More recently, the company developed the PAX run-flat system, enabling a car to carry on running even on a flat tyre.

The company was founded in 1889 by the Michelin Brothers and operates in over 170 countries and has manufacturing interests throughout the world. It was the first western tyre manufacturer to invest heavily in China and is in partnership with India’s Apollo Tyres to develop the Radial tyre market on the domestic front, offering a cheaper alternative to its premium brand tyres.

With the world focused on energy saving, Michelin is now researching into more efficient and energy saving tyres. Their Energy range claims to be more economical than traditional tyres, helping motorists save money and run more efficiently.

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