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Electric Car Service

Electric Car Service

The popularity of electric cars has increased dramatically over the last few years, with around 90,000 now on the road in the UK!

This increase is partly due to a bigger choice of electric cars, but also a change in people's attitudes towards electric cars and the preservation of the environment. The good news is that many more electric cars are set to be launched within the next year.

Electric cars are much quieter than conventional internal combustion engines because they use electric motors, which use electrical energy stored in rechargeable batteries.

Electric Car Facts

  • All electric cars are currently categorised as tax-band A, which means there is no tax charge.
  • Whilst in use, electric cars have zero-emissions.
  • A completely empty battery will typically take 6-8 hours to charge at home.
  • Some insurance companies have said that insuarance premiums may be higher on electric cars due to expensive parts and labour.
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