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Clutch replacement

The clutch on your vehicle is the part of the car that allows the power to go from the engine to the gearbox. It is an item that uses friction to work and is so an item that wears out eventually. The replacement of a clutch is normally quite an involved job. It requires the gearbox to be removed to get the thc clutch. 

The usual life of a clutch on most cars is around 80-100 thousand miles. We have however seen in recent years, Citroen c1's, toyota aygos and peugeot 107 clutchs going after just 40,000 miles.

At Kettering motorist centre we have done hundreds of clutchs over the 19 years we have been going. We have the very best alignment fitting tools and a number of skilled technicians that will do a great job. We only fit the best parts such as LUK valeo or blueprint.

Signs your clutch is worn are :

  • Engine revs going up when you accelerate with the throttle but the cars speed doesnt increase
  • A burning smell when driving
  • Difficulty getting gears. Normaly 1st and reverse are first to go.
  • A crunching noise from the engine
  • Juddering when pulling away at junctions

Modern diesel engines are also fitted with a dual mass flywheel. The clutch bolts to this, instead of a solid metal flywheel like cars of old. This dual mass flywheel has springs inbetween the two pieces which enable amoungst other things a smooth take up of drive. These make the car much smoother, however do tend to need to be replaced with the clutch and are a costly part.

Ways we can make our clutches last longer are:

  • Put your car in neutral when you are waiting at traffic lights and take your foot off the pedal
  • Don't rest your foot on the clutch pedal when driving
  • Try not to slip the clutch to avoid changing gear
  • Apply the handbrake when stopped on a hill instead of holding the car with the clutch
  • If hydraulic keep the fluid level topped up

If you are worried your clutch is worn and would like a free opinion just drive into the garage. An initial inspection if done by driving the car. This takes just a couple of minutes, We can give you an idea of the life left in your clutch.

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