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Brake replacement and service!

Brakes are undoubtly a very important part of a car, Your brakes often require an inspection, maintenance or repair. During the inspection we can look for a nuber of signs to give us an idea of the condition of your brakes.


What we look for :

  • Brake pad and discs thickness, to estimate the time in which the brakes have a servicable life left.
  • Scoring or disc corrosion, This can be evident if the brakes are graitey or grinding. The discs condition is one of the first places to look.
  • We look at the colour of the disc. Both red or blue tints could indicate a brake that is binding on and getting too hot.
  • We look for fluid leaks, The brake system is a sealed system, there fore should not require you to top up the brake fluid. 
  • We can check for brake discs warps in one of our 2 brake rolling road testers.
  • Brake lines sould be free of corrosion with no kinks and secured to the chassis firmly
  • The brake flexi pipes are rubber pipes with metal ends, We check these for perishing and corrosion.
  • The brake pedal its self should not sink under pressure when the engine is off. 


All of the above are common problems with modern day car braking systems that are found on an inspection. However when driving the car you maynot be aware of these. Brakes should be inspected if you experience any of the following conditions:

  • A grinding noise when the brakes are applied
  • The car pulls to one side when the brakes are applied
  • The brake pedal feels like it depresses further than normal
  • A squeal noise, which either appears or dissapears when the brakes are applied
  • Rear wheels locking up on braking
  • A loss of braking effort when braking from a high speed. 
  • Brake fluid level low 
  • hand brake light comes on round corners or stays on
  • If there is a vibration when the brakes are depressed
  • If the hand brake comes up high or doesnt hold


One of the questions we often get asked is 'How long should brakes last' , And the truth is there really isnt one answer. The front brakes tend to wear out on front wheel drive cars twice as fast as the rear brakes. On rear wheel drive they only wear out slightly faster. If you do alot of motorway miles you are lily to do more miles to a set of brakes compared to someone that drives round town and is always starting and stopping. Also if you drive a hyrid or electic car, Your car uses its electric motrs to stop you. So your brakes will last even longer . 


We offer free brake inspections here at kettering motorist centre. Just give us a call on 01536 410142 to book in.

We have a number of brake brands to choose from, With the most popular being apec brakes, pagid braking systems or brembo. If you have a preferance just let us know and we can make sure we fit the very best to your car. 

We would prefer to check them and find they are perfect than have you drive on brakes that are not right. So if your concerned best to get them checked.

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