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Tyre Information

Knowing all about your tyres and how to look after them is really important because it can save you time, money and prolong the life and performance of your tyres. Below we've provided some useful tips and advice on looking after them and also some general tyre information.

Tyre Wear and Rotation

Prolonged under or over-inflation and harsh road conditions can cause damage that will compromise the reliability of your tyres. Check regularly for uneven wear (on both sides of the tyre), tears, cracks or bulges on the sidewall and damage to the wheel rims.

To ensure even tyre wear, it's advisable to change your tyre positions on a regular basis. Even tyre wear maintains consistent performance and extends the life of your tyres.

Tyre wear differs depending on whether the vehicle is front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive. Front-drive cars bear more weight on the front axle and also have the differential in the front which adds to the weight. This means that the front tyres wear out almost twice as quickly as the rear tyres. Rear-drive cars however, have a more or less equal weight distribution. So tyre rotation needs to be done more often in front-wheel drive cars.

Your car owner's manual should tell you the proper rotation pattern and how often it needs to be done. While you may be able to rotate the tyres yourself, it's advisable to let a professional do it for you. So pop to Kettering Motorist Centre and see one of our trained tyre specialists.

Please bear in mind that certain high performance tyres are position-specific and should not be rotated. If in doubt, please ask a member of our friendly staff.

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